Leveling Amplifier 2A - Teletronix LA-2A

  • Warm optical compressor great on vocals, bass, horns, strings.
  • Fixed slow attack, slow release, ratio.
  • Compress is 3:1, Limit is infinite:1.
  • Turn up Peak Reduction to increase amount of compression, essentially a reverse threshold.
  • Gain is post-compression makeup gain.
  • VU meter trails actual compression and you typically get more than you actually see.
这是一个经典的压缩器/限制性放大器,由于它的电子管和光电管电路,比其他设计更平滑和缓慢。压缩机有一个平滑的拐点,启动和释放时间取决于程序,使其成为初学者的好压缩机。它非常适合于平滑人声,帮助他们听起来更 "有质感"。我也喜欢在贝司和原声吉他上使用 LA2A。
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